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  • Ebony (Monday, November 20 23 01:38 pm EST)

    I had a session with Barbara with reflexology, Reiki and sound bath as a birthday gift. I had swelling in my feet and ankles and was not sure what was going on. I went to Barbara and I have never felt better. I felt so much lighter both physically and mentally. I had an emotional shift that released whatever I had in my body that was stressing me out. I have more energy. I have slept better and I have not experienced any swelling in my feet since. I will definitely be incorporating Reiki and reflexology to my self care regimen. Barbara also called to see how I was feeling and she gave me great suggestions. I had a wonderful experience and will definitely be going back when I visit home.

  • Denise Weir (Monday, July 24 23 03:13 pm EDT)

    Very relaxing experience. With fibromyalgia, I deal with pain daily. Reflexology with Barbara eased my pain and helped me to relax. I will definitely go back!

  • Kristine (Friday, May 19 23 08:05 am EDT)

    I have had reflexology done for a few months now. I look forward to my visits with Barbara
    She has a soothing hands , calming voice in a wonderful relaxed atmosphere. Reflexology is one of my most relaxing moments in a hectic week..

  • Adam Bartley (Friday, March 24 23 07:37 pm EDT)

    Barbara, I'm so glad to have found Aim2Ease after almost 5 years! I set out looking for a reiki session, and while reiki is still an important therapy to me, I'm so excited about the benefits that I experienced from your reflexology session! The name of your business is so appropriate, because your therapy eased my troublesome symptoms. Thinking was easier, exercise was easier, digestion was easier, and sleep was easier. So much thanks to you and your wonderful service! We live in a very stressful world where it can be hard to ease the effects of stress without the help of medication. I will be back soon!

  • Trista Pate (Wednesday, February 15 23 10:45 pm EST)

    By far one of the best things I have done for myself. Barbara is wonderful and helps you feel comfortable the entire time. I have issues with my knees and left hip. Those were my sensitive areas on my feet. Our body is amazing how it all comes together. Today, I am feeling better and was able to get a full night’s sleep without the tossing and turning to get comfortable!!

  • Laura Herring (Wednesday, February 08 23 10:45 am EST)

    Simply amazed!!! I had my first session with Barbara yesterday and of course was nervous (never done anything like it) but I walked in and immediately felt a calmness. I have suffered from anxiety/depression/PTSD for years! About 5 minutes in I was so relaxed I almost couldn’t move 😂 She was very quick to answer any questions on places she hit during the session that felt tense and explain what area that dealt with in the body and boy was it right on point with issues I’ve had that I hadn’t told yet. By the end of the session I felt as light as a feather. I did afterwards go through some emotional releases (A lot of crying) but I had already expected that with my issues but, when I tell you it felt like bricks had been lifted I mean I’ve never felt so rejuvenated and refreshed! I also got a HUGE burst of energy about 3 hours after, slept 💤 ALL NIGHT LONG, and feel AMAZING today! I have already booked my next session and can’t wait to do it again 🙌

  • Francis Perry (Thursday, January 26 23 12:01 pm EST)

    Absolutely wonderful- relief, and wholeness felt

  • Alyson Jackson-Hill (Tuesday, December 27 22 04:45 pm EST)

    Barbara is a fine example of a well skilled reflexology body worker. Her sense of touch and positioning zeros in on those pressure points. I felt cared for and well treated during my entire visit. The next day my feet still felt great.

  • AB Kornegay (Wednesday, December 21 22 05:12 pm EST)

    I had a session with Barbara and let me just say it is now part of my self care routine. I have never felt so relaxed and at peace as I did during the session and even several days following. I am a person who is full of anxiety and stress and I can honestly say that it minimized both. She knows her skill and it surly shows in her work. I would choose a session with Barbara over a massage any day.

"Tried reflexology before but this was such a better experience. I usually get back massages and not even then would I drift into that deep of relaxation. 10/10. Going to be my usual now."
Hector Chavez

"So relaxing and stress relieving. Highly recommended"
Heather Rain

"Barbara gave a relaxing and revitalizing reflexology session. My wife and I each had a separate session with Barbara. Within minutes of starting session, we felt relaxed and at ease with our mind, body, and soul. We highly recommend Barbara for an experience that you will remember fondly and look forward to another session with anticipation and delight. Great job Barbara!"
Jeff and Carrie McDermott

"Barbara @ Aim2Ease Reflexology is amazing! The atmosphere is very calming. My session with her was so awesome and made me so relaxed for days after! I've never experienced anything like it. I 1000% recommend her services and will be going back myself."
Kayla Duff

"Very relaxing experience. Will definitely be a regular client."
Jasmine T Doubt

"Barbara is amazing-  I experienced immediate & sustained lower back pain relief with my 1st reflexology appt with her! If you experience chronic pain and are looking for easy, fast & non-invasive form of relief that WORKS, go to Barbara!"
Jess Lee

"Amazing experience, clean environment, and worth it!"
Cameron Yones

"I had my first reflexology experience with Barbara today...she is very knowledgeable in what she was very relaxing and I was very satisfied with my experience...highly recommend her if you are needing reflexology."
Terry Butler

"The session i had with you many years ago when I lived in North Carolina is still the best I've ever had. I work in the field and give and receive lots of reflexology. The treatment I received from you helped me physically and also continues to inform the way I give reflexology. You are very good at what you do!"
Sonja Laquita Pezzelle

"Good for the mind, body, and soul. Very relaxing and soothing!"
Debbie Brown

"i was a girl who loved a massage. Then I tried reflexology. It opened up a whole new world. It's so much more than a foot rub. Somehow by rubbing different areas on the feet it seems to correspond with different parts of the body that gives you a feeling of release and overall well-being. I have had reflexology a few times before going to see Barbara and really enjoyed it. When Barbara did my reflexology it became an almost spiritual experience. i know that sounds crazy but it's true! I would feel the different areas of my body that she was working on through my feet! It's very hard to explain in words but it's just a peaceful and emotional feeling like no other. The feelings of peace centering and relaxing are phenonmenal.

Barbara has such a kind and gentle spirit and becomes in tune to you as she is working on you. I highly recommend Barbara. I can't say enough good things about her reflexology skills."
Kelly Evans

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