Relax Rebalance Renew
Relax Rebalance Renew

Barbara Doerter

Aim2Ease was established to fulfill a natural calling to be of service to others. Through the healing arts, it is my aim to connect with your energy while utilizing specialized therapies to ease your discomfort, facilitate your body's natural ability to help itself, and support your wellness goals for you to feel your best and stay that way.  

You can count on my energy connection, experience, knowledge and genuine concern for your well being to provide you with quality personalized professional service. 


American Reflexology Board Certified, ARCB;

Doterra Wellness Advocate;

Second Degree Reiki Practitioner



*Reflexology is not massage and is exempt from massage laws in NC

ARCB Code of Ethics:

A reflexologist communicates with an open mind and a peaceful presence while recognizing that his/her relationship to the client is a serious responsibility. The art and science of reflexology is an honorable one.

Therefore, as a professional reflexologist I shall:

  1. Conduct myself in a professional, honest, and ethical manner at all times.

  2. Adhere to the 'ARCB Professional Business Standards'.

  3. Not infringe on any other professions’ scope of practice, and perform only those services for which I am qualified and/or licensed to provide.

  4. Accurately represent my competence, education, training and experience.

  5. Not present myself as a medical practitioner. I shall refer clients to appropriate medical or other healthcare professionals when appropriate.

  6. Treat other reflexologists and healthcare professionals in a courteous and respectful manner at all times.

  7. Establish and maintain trust in the client-practitioner relationship.

  8. Treat every client with the same kind, ethical attitude.

  9. Keep all client information and conversations strictly confidential.

  10. Work within the client’s comfort zone and pain tolerance.

  11. Keep the standard of my professional work current and as high as possible by continuing my reflexology education and training and attending conferences.

  12. Ensure that anyone employed by me or working in my office shall also adhere to this Code of Ethics.

For referrals outside of Wayne Co, NC area, refer to ARCB website and the bodymindspirit directory.

Are you interested in a personal consultation?

Give me a call or text at  919 738-3502 919 738-3502, use the form on contact page, or send me an email at