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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a holistic therapy that  works on the principle that specific pressures and techniques applied to the feet correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. Stimulating these areas can assist well-being in a safe and natural way. The aim of reflexology is to balance and haromonize the body which in turn facilitates the healing process, releases any blockages and restores the free flow of energy within the body. 


*Reflexology is not massage and is exempt from massage laws in NC

How does Reflexology work?

Reflexology activates the healing powers of the body by stimulating nerve endings in the feet and restoring energy to all systems. You may feel yourself going into a trance like state as the central nervous system is stimulated and the therapy begins to work; benefiting mind, body, and soul, it will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and recharged. 

 Not Just a Foot Rub!

How does Reflexology Benefit Me?

Reflexology is your step to ease discomfort, relieve stress, and promote wellness naturally. Indulging in reflexology helps break the body's response to stress by:

  • inducing deep relaxation
  • relieving tension and pain
  • alleviating symptoms
  • aiding sleep
  • improving mood and sense of well being
  • facilitating getting body systems in balance

Reflexology can be used to aid the restoration and maintenance of the body's natural equilibrium, encouraging natural feelings of well being. Reflexology can also be incorporated into preventative healthcare lifestyle, which is becoming more and more important as we continue to realize the damage to health by our lifestyle and environment. 

What can I expect from a session?

PRIOR TO ARRIVAL: Before your first treatment, a short consultation will be completed to review background and medical history in order for me to gain and overall picture of your health and lifestyle. We will also chat about what you are hoping to gain from your session and what to expect. This wil help me to customize your therapy session making sure it suits your individual needs and you gain maximum benefit. I will confirm date and time to arrive at your home.


BEFORE SESSION: I suggest you have set relaxing music and provide yourself with a blanket. You will need to wear loose fitting pants and remove your shoes and socks. Before we begin your first session, intake and consent forms will be signed. You will be seated comfortably in either a reclining chair or on a massage table that I provide. I will apply natural balm and complete some gentle movements to help you relax and prepare to enjoy your session. 


DURING SESSION: During your session, I will apply gentle pressure to your feet combining lots of techniques with targeted work on individual reflexes. You will feel pressure as I work. Some reflexes may be tender or sensitive but not painful. This is a sign that the reflex is a little congested and needs some extra attention to help bring it back into balance. People react in very different ways to reflexology. Some examples are that you may:

  • feel very sleepy and doze off
  • get twitching, tingling or mild cramps
  • get rumble in your digestive tract
  • get cold, start sweating, or feel itchy
  • feel energized or emotional

 You are welcome to provide feedback during your experience so that I can adjust technique and pressure. Once the therapy is complete, you will be encouraged to relax in place while notes from your treatment are recorded.


AFTER SESSION: After the session, you will be encouraged to take it easy the rest of the day and drink plenty of water as this will help the body's circulatory and lymphatic system get rid of toxins and promote the body's immune response. We will review the areas out of balance and discuss your experience. If appropriate, I will make suggestions or recommendations based on the findings. The aim of reflexology is to bring about balance and many people have an immense feeling of relaxation and well-being after the session. You may experience what is known as a "primary reaction" or "healing outcome" within 48 hours of therapy as the body releases tension, cleanses and rebalances itself. Responses may include a wide range of responses such as:

  • deep sleep and/or extreme tiredness
  • feeling physically drained
  • slight sweating
  • increased and/or strong smelling urination
  • wanting to cry or lift in mood
  • slight increase in or flare up of old symptoms
  • vivid dreams

These are completely normal and temporary responses that are actually considered to be good signs that the body is releasing toxins as your body is working to rebalance and heal. If you experience anything that causes you concern, please contact me. I will follow up most initial sessions 48 hours after your therapy to ensure you are feeling well and reassure you if you experience a healing crisis. 

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