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Relax Rebalance Renew

 Experience "Sound Health"

A Sound Healing experience is an immersive journey into the realms of relaxation, rejuvenation, and inner harmony. It provides a way of losing yourself in another world for a time; senses are withdrawn form the outside world and are focused inward. Instruments used provide gentle, higlhly resonant, immersive sounds & frequencies. Everything has a frequency at which it vibrates, including every part of the body. Every cell in the body is a sound resonator. Since the human body is over 70% water and sound travels 5x more efficiently through water, sound frequencies are absorbed at a cellular level.


Sound waves wash over us at every second of every minute, and hour of every day and continue to vibrate endlessly. Vibrations from sound healing resonate within our cells shifting our brainwaves to a theta state and work directly on body tissues and energy fields. Therapeutic benefits experienced include stress release, mental clarity, emotional release, clearing energetic clutter, activating the body’s self-healing system, and facilitating optimal wellness and a profound sense of well-being.

Sound Therapies

Sound Massage

Vibrational frequencies focused on calming mind and balancing energy using Chakra Essential Oil Blend, Chakra Tuning Forks with Crystal Singing Bowls & other sound healing instruments.

Sound Bath

Immersive blend of Crystal Singing Bowls infused with multiple other sound healing instruments (i.e. gong, chimes, drum, tibetan bowls) focused on shifting energies and deep relaxation. Group and private group options.

What can I expect from a session?

PRIOR TO ARRIVAL:  For private group sound bath or individual sound massage, contact me to schedule. We will chat about what you are hoping to gain from your session as well as how to prepare. Group sound baths will be announced with limited space availability; sign up and pre-payment are required. Plan to arrive 15-30 min early so you can settle in. To maintain session atmosphere, late admission will not be allowed and payment will be forfeited.  You will be required to sign a contract for services.



A blanket, eye cover, and limited number of 3" foam mats are available for sound baths. Bring whatever else you need to help you be comfortable (own mat/bedding, additional blankets, pillows, warm socks, comfy clothes, favorite small comfort item). Feel free to move and shift as needed during session. Otherwise, just come as you are - be authentic and open to being vulnerable to whatever happens! Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Set an intention - Be clear in your mind about what you would like the outcome to be; ask yourself what you hope to achieve or experience during the session. Come fully hydrated - (vibrations travel better through water) but stop drinking soon enough to have an empty bladder! Don’t come hungry but leave time to digest food you have eaten so you are less likely to feel uncomfortable. Avoid sugar and caffeine to help your mind and body settle and relax.



You will be assisted to position comfortably and to help relax. You don't have to DO anything! The massage & bath part are truely sound-oriented; something you allow to wash over you. Everyone’s experience is different. Most people feel relaxed and peaceful as it helps your nervous system to recover from the pressures of life. Some people have had creative “aha!” moments, gained insight, been energized, had emotional breakthroughs, had visualizations, shed tears, and even slept. Others may feel very little. For some, the sound bath can create a sensation of tension where stress release is happening. Stress LEAVING the body can sometimes feel like experiencing stress. Some of the therapeutic processes may continue after a session. This is the body’s natural way of shifting what needs to change.The more you allow your mind and body to sink into a trance-like state the greater the effects will be. Be aware however that you can’t force relaxation. Remember that sound healing responses vary even for yourself at different moments in your life.


AFTER SESSION: You will be guided through an awakening to slowly bring you back and get you grounded. You will have space to just relax until you are ready to move. After leaving, drink plenty of water not only to keep you hydrated but also to allow any toxins that may have been released by the sound healing to be flushed away. Give yourself time to rest. Very occasionally, as with most complementary therapies, some people can feel exhausted or tired before they feel better. These are completely normal and temporary resposes that are considered to be good signs that the body is releasing and working to balance. In the hours, days, weeks afterwards, watch for what happens either physically, mentally, or emotionally. If you experience anything that causes concern, please contact me.

Are you interested in a personal consultation?

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